Osteopathy is a manual medicine that attends to the organism as a whole. It diagnoses and treats by hand the micro mobility disorders of the human body tissues, which causes functional defects and affects the general health. Based on the fact that all the body functions and structures are connected and interdependent and the body has the ability to self heal and work optimally if the energy flows smoothly in all it parts - the osteopathic medicine is able to treat local diseases as well as the cause of the disorders.

How Osteopath works:

  • appliing effective and painless manipulations to the bones /articulations / tendons / ligaments / skull / organs /skin
  • energizing and harmonizing techniques, specifically with the cranial movement for recovering the vital fluid of the organism

Disorders that Osteopathy can treat:

  • Joint and spinal column pain 
  • Nerve pains (sciatic, femoral neuropathy / tingling in the hands)
  • Posttraumatic pains after a sprain or a fracture
  • Athletic common injuries
  • Several disorders of the circulatory system: migraine / arm pain due to poor circulation / bad venous reflux in the legs
  • Digestive disorders: colitis / gastralgia / poor transit
  • ENT problems: ear infections / sinusitis
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Fatigue and loss of energy
  • Infants birth related head trauma
  • Prevention of relapse after injury 






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