Medical Services

Our services are adjustable to your personal needs, with highly qualified specialist on site and in connection with Swiss Health Center.

We provide specialist consultations that are unique to Switzerland's highly qualified and experienced professionals.  


  • Medical consultation                                                                        
  • Blood analysis                            
  • ECG at rest                                                                             
  • ECG stress test                                                                          
  • Spirometry and oxymetry                                                           
  • Audio-visual assessment                                                     
  • Sleep laboratory        
  • O-zone therapy     
  • Oxygen therapy    
  • Personal health program                           
  • Revitalizing Organotherapy                                


Other Consultation and Medical Treatments available:


Herbal Med & Diet

Utilizing the Maurice Mességué method by supplying the body system’s deficiency of micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, trace elements, nutrients, antioxidants) through nutrient supplements, herbal medicine, and personalized dietetic instructions. It is a collection of nutritional habits and principles that contribute to the long-term slow down aging and healthy lifestyle.

Born in 1921 in southwestern France, Mességué learned to use plants to heal ailments from his father who had learned it from his grandmother and so on down their ancestral line. H
Mességué recounts his first lesson on herbal baths from his father. He was just a young boy and was having trouble with sleeping. His parents laid out a large copper basin and filled it with linden (Tilia sp.)  infused water. Maurice likens the deep sleep following a linden bath as a “drug induced sleep”. 
 Maurice Mességué is a pioneer of herbalism. He has been practicing in France at a time when herbalism was all but dead in North America. He is a strong voice for the plants, reminding us the best remedies grow outside ourdoor and include our common weeds as well as fresh air and sunshine. Mességué method has been used at the Crans Ambassador for centries  and continues to be a specialization of Swiss Health Center.