Medical Services

Our services are adjustable to your personal needs, with highly qualified specialist on site and in connection with Swiss Health Center.

We provide specialist consultations that are unique to Switzerland's highly qualified and experienced professionals.  


  • Medical consultation                                                                        
  • Blood analysis                            
  • ECG at rest                                                                             
  • ECG stress test                                                                          
  • Spirometry and oxymetry                                                           
  • Audio-visual assessment                                                     
  • Sleep laboratory        
  • O-zone therapy     
  • Oxygen therapy    
  • Personal health program                           
  • Revitalizing Organotherapy                                


Other Consultation and Medical Treatments available:


Aesthetic Medicine

The revitalization therapy of anti-aging is a modern treatment developed to assist with early symptoms of the aging process. Dr. Koninski’s natural and specialized procedures provide an improvement in patient’s health and wellbeing, while securing long lasting results that enable the body’s and soul’s best possible fitness.

Precise and Individualistic procedure, divided by Dr. Koninski into two aspects- from a medical point and an aesthetic point.

 Botox Treatment Procedure

  1. Diagnostic of the blood
  2. Blood consistency of vitamins, hormones, lipids, enzymes, trace elements, and anti-oxidants
  3. Overall gynecologist examination
  4. Analysis of skin’s thickness and subcutaneous fatty tissue
  5. Botox Injections

Special Attention 

  • In-depth interview
  • patient’s history analysis
  • patient’s current symptoms



      • aging of skin
      • wrinkles
      • irregular image of the face
      • access skin


Skin Care Treatment 

With Dr. Koninski’s expertise and years of studies of anti-aging therapies, the aesthetic outlook can be improved at Swiss Health Center and continued in your own home. Dr. Koninski specializes in the form of personalized creams, which are available for both males and females, to develop personalized cosmetics to use as post treatment and/or for daily use.